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    2017 County Championship Game Results
    Class I - Olmsted Falls Blue 14 - Wellington Gossman Ins. 8
    Class HH - N. Ridgeville FTC 7 - Grafton Armold Ind. 2
    Class H - Wellington Snap-on 17 - Buckeye Ross 16 (8 innings)
    Class GG - N. Ridgeville Rebels 14 - Buckeye Select AB 10
    Class G - Wellington AC 9 - N. Olmsted Halleen Kia 4
    Class F - N. Olmsted Pools 13 - Buckeye Mark's Const 6
    Class EE - Amherst Milde 8 - Sheffield Venom 2
    Class E - Amherst Gabrie 8 - Buckeye 1

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